• Jordan Parfait

21 Questions

When you set out to create for yourself not everyone gonna on board. You must go through the growing pains in order for you to be successful. They say when you can't stand the heat you get out the kitchen in this case when you suffer alone the success is much sweeter. See I am 10 foot tall and bullet proof, how you see yourself is the image you portrait to everyone else. To be successful you must be yourself, you must be comfortable standing on your two feet without being shaken. Human beings have a lot of fragility we need others so we hang out in groups, it's okay for all that as long the group has a common cause. Surround yourself with like minded people they don't have to like you but the key to life when you put your heads together we can have many solutions for any problem. You see sometimes you have to give up your old circles, leave it behind because its part of growing up its part of being independent. Free yourself and your wings shall appear so you may fly away

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