• Jordan Parfait

Behind The Scenes

Loneliest time of your life is when you start something new. Ive been through a lot in life but this one is rock bottom. You know things are hard when your own people don't click buy on your product. Is easier to follow foreigners, people you won't probably never meet or clicking like on your own flesh and blood or someone you rock with? we all have a hidden agenda, its easy to hate cause we don't want people doing better than us.Its easy to be nosy and secretly judge. I helped numerous people in life most of them won't return that favor because they only here to take from the universe. the true meaning of prosperity is to always give. Blazing my own path was always the true way of me living my life, I've gotten this far alone its okay to be me I accepted myself as me. Im only "looking for those who are looking for me"

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