• Jordan Parfait

Finished Product

It's the narrow and rocky paths that leads to greatness. To many of us want a finished product, we want it now and can't wait later. There is always a price to pay for now and so many times we don't mind paying that price, we sacrifice our future, we sacrifice ourselves rather for a better tomorrow. It will be to late by the time this found you but its never to late to change ones characteristics. When you open your eyes you'll see how the world operates. You have to one day take care of your own agendas. Someone I knew used to tell me no one knows you, you not even a fly on the wall nor are you a spec of dust. Some people are put in your life to help even if they negative. You see that knowledge that person dropped on me that day had me thinking. You have to be a finish product in your own right before you can change the world of millions.

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