• Jordan Parfait

Reddit and reap

Isn't this a great story how they label people as retail investors cause you don't have money. Society always have a fun way of belittling the little guy. Now to the juicy part, we all remember 2008 most of us millennials were in high school most of us couldn't comprehend when housing price were booming and all the sudden the impossible happen there was a crash and the little people left holding the bag while big Wall Street popped champagne and celebrate with the elite. Millions people lost their jobs including their homes and off course their lively hoods. I myself was a victim of that cause I saw the horror in my circle. Banks made it so easy to purchase a home at the same time label these homes as subprime when they knew the people who were buying those homes could not afford them. Then they turn around and sold those same so call assets on the market. The way to stick it to men is to get your money up, money talk and all else walk. if you want to survive in America wealth creation is the way to go. we all been scrutinized somehow when you can't beat them join them. Get in their circles and get to know them well because at that point they won't know its coming and that's when it hurts the most.

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