• Jordan Parfait

The Power of Strange

Do you ever look back in life and wonder who help you the most? Life can be strange, have you ever heard the term don't talk to strangers? Yes many of us have heard. Strangers cross our paths daily and someway somehow they impact our lives. See what I learn in the pass few years did not come from the people that knows me best, it came from people I never met before. Society will drown you, and put you down for not following their ways, the truth is you must create your path. I learned how to trade assets from someone I have never met before, I got free books from someone I've meet once or twice. I learn how to create a budget and balancing my money the right way from a stranger. The world don't always have your best interest. Seek those who crave your mindset.

I like to end with my favorite quote "you don't have to get it right just get it going" be sure to check Gerald Peters (I.G Fullauto11)

If you like what I do agree or disagree please leave a comment.

I am not a writer I'm simply writing what I experience.

If you would like to know more about Assets that can change your life keep reading.

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